Logo de la demeure.

Family house in the heart of Guingamp

Charming hotel
from the 18th century

You have arrived home

In a quiet little street just a stone’s throw from the town centre square, the hotel La Demeure de Guingamp has dusted off and reinterpreted the codes of an old hotel with charm and character, from the 18th century, in its own way, JOYFUL and CHALLENGEFUL, whilst respecting the soul of the place.


A broc’n’roll decor that combines sculptures by Andrew Martins, glass windows, Versailles parquet flooring, marble fireplaces, noble materials and antique objects.

A saving TRANQUILLITY, the softness of a FAMILY HOME with a timeless and refined charm with a touch of lightness.

More than just rooms, La Demeure is a place to live and meet, a real REFUGE.
So, relax, sleep on your own two ears…

La Demeure de Guingamp takes care of everything!

A well-deserved rest

Ten rooms and suites, all unique, constantly renew the visitor’s experience.

Between sea and land

Paimpol at 30 km !

Pink granite coast at 40 km !

A special moment

A lounge, a cosy winter garden open onto the walled garden in the ramparts of Guingamp, where breakfasts are served as if at home and a canteen-tea room where local producers deliver their delicacies… and gourmets meet.


If you arrive early, a luggage room is available.


If you arrive late, don’t worry, we can send you an entry code by email or sms.


In order to make the most of your day, our luggage room is at your disposal.


Your identity card and the credit card used for the reservation will be requested during the check-in procedure.